Payment (remittance) notices are sent to the account admin or contacts listed when setting up banking details in the Payment Notices section during account setup. These will list the commission you'll be paid per booking and the total amount you can expect for all agents on the account.

Remittance advices are sent by email to the users listed under your Finance tab in the Partner Program admin. Follow these instructions to update who will receive remittance advices each month:

1. Go to the Finance tab
2. Click the Edit button ("...")
3. In the Payment Notifications section, you can click the X next to existing email addresses to remove them
4. Click Notify another person to add an additional email address
5. Click Submit at the bottom of the page once you've made your changes

Remittance advices are also uploaded into your account, and can be viewed in Remittance Advice section of the Finance tab.

There, you can download each file and see the history of your payments.

If you're a member of a host account, you can reach out to your host agent about your payments.